Grandview Gallery FAQ's

A few FAQ’s:
1) Is Grandview Gallery a non-profit?
The historic school house sits on private property and is maintained by a small family, mine. In order to be a non-profit there is a lot of paperwork, a board to be established to meet once a month in addition to a lot more paperwork. This is a second job so I have opted to set Grandview Gallery up as an LLC, though it won’t act as a traditional for-profit business.
2) What kinds of events will Grandview Gallery host?
At this time, we will have a spring concert the first Friday of May, my Open House in July, and a phone photography workshop the first Friday of August. Once the building is fully restored, we will host more events such as weekend art shows featuring regional artists, and art classes taught by professional artists.
3) Will events be free?
Our first Friday events, Joy Fest, are currently fund raising opportunities to help with building expenses. All events are free and we greatly appreciate any gifts you give. 100% of those gifts go towards building expenses. Any marketing costs Cristen Joy Photography covers.
4) What about the cost of future events?
Regional artists will be encouraged to apply to show on designated weekends. There will be no cost to set up. Any sales will be commissioned at 15% to the gallery to help with marketing costs and electricity.
Art classes will require a fee that will go to pay the artist for their time, skills and any supplies needed, Grandview Gallery will not take any profit from the classes. A scholarship fund will be set up to help those who would like to attend the class but aren’t financially able.
5) Can I rent the building for an event?
Once the building is finished, yes!
Let me know what event you would like us to host and we can talk expenses. We can even cater with a focus on locally raised beef, right here! 🙂
I hope these answer any questions you have about Grandview Gallery community affects. As always, please send me a message with any further questions! Thank you! -Cristen