Brewing 5×7 Matted Print

“I love the beauty and texture in a thunderhead!” On Cristen’s ranch by Okaton, South Dakota, the sky is unhindered for a full show of the storm until it passes. This ‘Brewing’ thunderhead was shot from the top of the hill south of her ranch house.  “My house has fantastic windows to allow for a great view of the sky surround it. I was making supper and tracking the thunderhead with frequent glances out the front window. When the clouds appeared at a perfect angle, I grabbed my gear and headed for the high hill south of my house. I love that I can literally run right out my door and immediately be faced with such beauty!”

This photograph was part of the 2017 National Weather Center Biennale at the University of Oklahoma. Cristen was the only South Dakota artist chosen for this exhibition.


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  • The print – each photograph is printed on Kodak ENDURA Lustre paper. Standard surface paper, featuring a fine grain pebble texture. Each print is sprayed with lustre coating to protect the finish.
  • The mat & backing board – each photograph is protected with an 8×10 standard size archival acid free mat and backing board. These mats will last for hundreds of years protecting your art.
  • All prints arrive signed, titled and numbered.
  • All orders will ship within 2-3 business day via USPS.