Puff 5×7 Matted Print

A crisp morning during the Black Hills Stock Show, back in February, as the rough stock awaited their rodeo appearance.

To create back-lighting in a photograph, one needs to face the sun. I also moved my position to a higher vantage point by sitting on top of the corral panels. Using the morning light streaming over the building and the other horses in shadow, I placed myself where I faced the sun. In this position I was able to create the effect of the horse’s profile as it was highlighted by the sun, as well as the breath made visible by the shadowed background of the other horses. I set my camera to a faster shutter speed than the meter’s suggestion, in order to create a darker image.


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  • The print – each photograph is printed on Kodak ENDURA Lustre paper. Standard surface paper, featuring a fine grain pebble texture. Each print is sprayed with lustre coating to protect the finish.
  • The mat & backing board – each photograph is protected with an 8×10 standard size archival acid free mat and backing board. These mats will last for hundreds of years protecting your art.
  • All prints arrive signed, titled and numbered.
  • All orders will ship within 2-3 business days via USPS.