Tender Care 12×18 Framed Giclee Canvas Print

Twilight was born on the family ranch 30 years ago. As a boy, my brother-in-law trained her. She was my husband Marty’s horse for many years until we got married and then she taught me. Riding her has always been a joy as she eagerly does her job (cutting cattle is especially a favorite skill of hers). When our children first learned to ride, she taught them as well. Twilight proved to be trustworthy with my kids in her care.


A few weeks before I took this photo, our old girl caught her foot in something that resulted in several stitches. She has spent so many years taking care of us and this time we got to put a little extra TLC into her.













Printed on museum quality giclee canvas and mounted on gator board. Signed and title.

17.25”x23.25”x1” frame