2017 Basic Photography Class Recap

Last year, I taught my first ever Basic Photography workshop. (See link to past post here.) In my small community, hands on continuing education outside of YouTube isn’t plentiful. 
I’ve had a lot of people tell me they wished they knew how to use their camera. That was the spark to start teaching this class. 

I broke all the info I wanted to cover into six, one hour sessions. We covered the basics of exposure, composition and lighting. We met Tuesday nights at the Murdo Senior Center.  

These ladies are now comfortable shooing outside of Auto (and perhaps will never go there again, right? ;))! 
I also showed them a few simple tricks I’ve found, such as using a small piece of paper wrapped around the flash to help eliminate shadows behind a subject. 

This past Tuesday was our seventh session. I’d asked everyone  to email me their favorite photo taken during the course of the class, and I had them printed. We celebrated their achievements into the wonderful world of photography by displaying their photos and enjoying a little gallery fare. It was such a great night! 

I learned so much from these ladies and they challenged me as I sought to answer all their questions. For a girl who doesn’t always know what to say, I was tongued tied a few times when the questions weren’t ones I’d prepped for. 

Thank you to all who participated this year! It has been a pleasure!

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