Flax Fields

I had to get out and shoot some more fields of flax before the flowers all fall off. The field by my house is just about done blooming so I went to a few others in the area.

It’s windy today and I tried to use that to my advantage. In the following two shots I used my Neutral Density filter (really dark filter) so that I could keep the shutter open longer and create some blur amongst the flax to show the motion of the wind. I like the abstract appeal that the finished image gives.

The haze coming from the fires in Alberta give the South Dakota landscape a soft texture.

I love seeing these rolling hills of blue.

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  1. Dee LeRoye

    Great job, Cristen. I even had several stems bloom in a flower pot outside. We used flaxseed in chicken nests and they stick to the egg shells. So when I wash eggs I have flaxseed in the water I pour on my flowers. Viola. Problem is, the blooms don't last very long.

  2. James

    Hey, which farm is this? What area of SD?

    GREAT Photos!

    1. Cristen

      Hi, James! Thanks for stopping by! These photos were taken near Okaton, SD. Are you familiar with the area?

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