Horses at Sunset {And a Thank You to my Mother-in-Law}

I love my horses. I did not grow up a horse crazy girl. They just weren’t something I was around very much, until I married a cowboy. Now I can’t imagine a life without them. 
I have my mother-in-law to thank for this. She grew up with horses and then married a farmer/rancher who’s family only used team horses for pulling equipment. My mother-in-law soon changed that and raised five cowboys and two cowgirls. 
So, thank you, Mom! You’ve made an impressionable mark on your family in more than one way.


This girl, she always does this! She looks at me in this lovely way and I just can’t get enough of her! The questions is: is she really looking at me or off into the distance? 


Twilight at twilight. She’s the one on the left. A wonderful old gal with only one speed-fast. Sadly, her fast isn’t what is used to be now that she’s around 22. She’s the one who taught me to ride, how to rope, and I trust her without a doubt.

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  1. Dee LeRoye

    Thanks so much for the sweet tribute. I'll never forget that early day when you were in tears because you couldn't rope very well yet. Even then I felt you would eventually succeed because you are not a quitter. It's been good to watch you grow in the skills of cowgirling, homemaking, wifing and especially mothering. And your photography is awesome. You are doing a top notch job in every thing you attempt. Love you loads…….Mom

  2. Patrice Kelley

    Beautifully written! This woman, wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother is also a wonderful friend to have, This I know well and have had the privilege to call her friend for over 60 years.

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