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Indoor Landscape

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A few months ago, I had the privilege of photographing some updates to Pheasant Crest Lodge north of Kimball, SD.

My dear friend, Deb Endrizzi (Burckhard), had worked tirelessly to add artistic touches to the walls of the lodge’s lower level renovations.

Deb is an amazing artist! I’ve had the honor of photographing her horse hair pottery in the past. She is a diverse and skilled artist of color and design.

Beyond the doorway sculpted tree, you can see the fire place. The detailed textured work is also Deb’s skills at hand.

The newly remodeled basement rooms hold permanent art along the walls.

The time spent at Pheasant Crest Lodge was of great fun for me as a challenge to photograph with controlled light in an indoor landscape.

On the agenda for the photo shoot was the new menu for the upcoming hunting season. And yes, after photographing the artfully presented  cuisine I was able to join the staff in appreciation of the art of tasting.

It was amazing!

What a fun chance to step out of my comfort zone, challenge myself with a different type of photography and spent time with a wonderful friend!

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  1. Thad Friedeman

    Terrific photos and great looking location! Wow, I’m salivating over that steak meal image.

    1. Cristen

      Thanks, Thad! I can attest that the steak was quite exquisite! 😉

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