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Longhorns {The Romantics of Cattle}

I spent an evening with my friend’s longhorns. They didn’t seem to mind me wandering about watching them.

It was a perfect late summer evening and a harsh contrast to today’s frigid temperatures.

 Over the past year it has been my desire to capture the cattle that graze the South Dakota prairies. I find Longhorns to be beautiful with so much character in their varied colors and tones, but what captivates me most is, of course, their horns.

This one is my favorite.

I chose high key black and white in my final process of several of these photographs. I shot many of them low to the ground in order to isolate the horns against the sky.

There’s a sort of romanticism associated with the longhorn. A timeless classic of majestic beauty.

Thank you, Chris and Katie, for letting me spend time with your cattle! 

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  1. Dee LeRoye

    Great composition and shooting, as usual. Stay warm.

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