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Open House 2021 | Grandview Gallery

To all who came, thank you! Your faces and support means so much to us.

To all unable to come, you were missed! All the texts of well wishes were so meaningful.

Here’s a glimpse of the set up and the day.

Friday morning the lights went up. I use them for indoor art shows as well, so they’re only in the schoolhouse for the open house. To me, it’s wonderful to see the building glowing from within. I organized how I wanted the eight photographs hung and then brought them all back in the house. A wonderful storm passed by and gave us a little bit of rain.

We had a beautiful day with a breeze that kept the school house cool.

Saturday morning I rehung all the photos plus set up the print bin and cards in preparation for the day.

Marty and the kids were a huge help in removing part of the ceiling that was falling, setting up lights and helping serve the food to all our guests.

Thank you to all and see you next year!!

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