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Theme for 14th ABH Annual Show: Clouds

Currently exhibiting at the Dahl Arts Center until November 30th is the Artists of the Black Hills Annual Show. I’ve been a signature member since 2017 and chose as this years theme for my works: Clouds.

South Dakota boasts incredible skies and the depth of the clouds and variety has me ever captivated. Black and white is a deep love of mine and it also aids to bring out the texture and the depth of the colors in the sky.

I’d promised my newsletter readers (you can sign up here) a background to each of the photographs in this years ABH Annual Show. The following verse from Psalms 19 is the inspiration for most of my photography and especially describes what I see in the following photographs:

“The heavens are telling of the glory of God;  And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” ~Psalm 19:1

The Heavens
12×18 Framed Giclee Canvas Wrap

The clouds of South Dakota rarely disappoint and this evening was no exception. As my family and I sat down to supper, I looked out the kitchen window and was completely lost in the majestic array of the heavens. The clouds seemed to shoot out of the top of the tree, imitating the foliage below. I excused myself from the table and headed outside before the clouds moved on and changed shape.

12×18 Framed Giclee Canvas Wrap

While scouting for interesting locations near Brookings, SD, I came across this small lake. The bare tree trunks standing in water fascinated me. It was a peaceful evening and I wanted something to reflect the peace of the water. As I set up my camera and tripod, the gentle wisp of a cloud passed through. This made the composition and though it wasn’t perfectly still for a reflection, I enjoy the imperfect ripples as the water mirrors the sky and trees.

His Glory
12×18 Framed Giclee Canvas Wrap

I arrived in the Badlands on the tail end of a storm threatening hail. The sun pushed through random openings in the clouds, illuminating the east bound storm. The dramatic sky and the peaceful landscape drew me in to the beauty as the wind rustled the clover and the glorious clouds moved on.

Louisa’s Day
10×15 Framed Silk Print

It was the birthday of our great-niece, Louisa. Her heartbeat was no more and our niece-in-law delivered her in early June. Her precious life touched us all as we mourned. 

Wandering one of our pastures searching for wildflowers, I felt at a loss as to how to document the day. Louisa was born in Iowa but has roots in western South Dakota. I hoped to celebrate her from the land of her heritage. As I crossed the dam grade and came into view of the reflection of the clouds on the cool blue water, the vibrant prairie grasses and the reeds coming up in the foreground I knew I found something special.

Forever in our hearts.

The 14th Annual Artists of the Black Hills Annual Exhibition can be seen in the Sen. Stan Adelstein & Lynda K. Clark Gallery at the Dahl Arts Center. All works are for sale.

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  1. Clarice Roghair

    Beautiful. Gorgeous. Inspiring. And your tribute to our little darling always makes me cry. Thank you for sharing.

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