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Theodore Roosevelt National Park {NoDak Badlands}

A few weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated our 12th anniversary in Theodore Roosevelt National Park-the NoDak Badlands.

I loved the contrast in Wind Canyon between the white of the formations and the yellow of the trees.

From this view point near Wind Canyon, we could see a small herd of the wild horses on the Little Missouri River.

We parked the car near the location we’d spotted the horses and hiked down to the river. We spent a good hour or so with the them. It was so beautiful! I will have a separate post dedicated just to them in the next few weeks. 

The view from the end of Boicourt Trail was probably my favorite. An expansive panorama of much of the park.

The trail is so fun and part of it just follows the ridge with steep drops on both sides. That’s what made it so fun! The arrow in the photo below shows where Marty and I are sitting in the photo above.

We spent all day in the park, taking our time, enjoying the quiet. Near sunset, we were at Scoria Point Overlook. A small rain storm blew through as I was on top of a peak doing some shooting.

This photo (below) is my favorite of the day. I love the lines in the Badlands and the simple clouds above. In order to isolate this section, I ended up hiking a game trail. You can see this peak in the above photo, but it blends in with the rest of the Badlands.

This was my first time in the North Dakota Badlands. I can’t really say I like one better than the other because they’re both so different. 
I can’t wait for the next time I get to travel up north!

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