Willow Creek Trail

I spent a few days in the Black Hills area this week taking a class. It was later in the day so I had a morning to go hiking. I love exploring new trails and I only had time for a few hours. I settled on the Willow Creek Trail loop. It’s only 1.5 miles and fairly easy. There were a few fallen trees blocking the trail that I had to scramble over. The trail up to Mushroom Rock wasn’t even noticeable due to trees all over but I managed to find my way up there. The view is just amazing! 

This is Harney Peak from the north side. I shot this from the top of Mushroom Rock.

This is a part of Mushroom Rock. 


I found this little gem of a waterfall about 10 minutes into the trail, hiking counterclockwise. In order to get this shot I did a bit of bouldering and scrambling, being careful to avoid ice on the rocks surrounding the waterfall.

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