2015 First Lady’s Prairie Art Showcase

This morning I received some highly anticipated news.
An acceptance letter came for me to attend the 2015 First Lady’s Prairie Art Showcase. I’ve applied for this art show several years and I couldn’t be more excited that this year I’ve made it!
Thank you, Linda Daugaard and the rest of the art show committee, for choosing me!
(I actually screamed when I read the letter and I don’t scream about very many things. The only things I can think of at the moment are when some friends got engaged and then when they found out they were expecting twins.)

30 artists throughout the state of South Dakota are chosen to showcase during the Governor’s Invitational Pheasant Hunt, an event the state hosts for business prospects and journalists from across the country.

For more events I will be participating in, please click on the following link to the Upcoming Shows page on my website: https://dev.cristenjoyphotography.com/#!/p/upcoming-shows.

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