Badlands in Light

I spent an evening in the Badlands earlier this week. 
It was amazing! The sky was so full of drama and the evening colors so vibrant. I was so excited by what I’d captured!

Here are my top five favorites (not necessarily in that order):

I really love these yellow rocks, found on the west side of the park. They were what I’d mainly come for. When I arrived to this location, the colors looked beautiful and the sky thrilling. 
Then the sun peaked out, cascading the land in a patch of light.  

While shooting into the sun at sunset has it’s appeal, turning around to see what the sun is looking at is often more exciting. 

I just can’t get over the pink in these clouds. How amazing! 

As the sun began to fade, so did the bright colors, which gave way to soft blues.

I shot this one about an hour after sunset. As I meandered through the rest of the park in the dark and headed home from the east side, I stopped at the Door and Window Trail access. The stars were just coming out and there was just enough light to illumine the landscape. The clouds behind the formations were what really captured me. I used a 30 second exposure for this shot. 

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    These photos of the bad lands are fantastic.

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