Black Hills Stock Show & Western Art Show Recap

With the Black Hills Stock Show & Western Art Show now behind me, I just wanted to say Thank You!
Those of you able to stop by my booth to visit or purchase a piece of art, were greatly appreciated, as well as all of you unable to attend the show but gave your support to me in numerous ways.

I’m especially thankful to my husband, Marty. He has been so supportive of my photography pursuits and eagerly cares for the kids when I’m away.  

It was a great first experience as a Stock Show vendor and I hope to be there for years to come!

It’s always exciting to make a sale, but my favorite part of the show was hearing how you appreciated my work. I want to share a few of the stories.

-A wonderful couple came through on Thursday, they were drawn to my 16×24 acrylic print of ‘Rolling Prairie’ (pictured with my logo at the top of this page). When I shared the story of how I took it, they could see what I was trying to portray and were drawn to the print. The next day, the whole family came in to see what had captivated the parents.

-A women from Colorado came to my booth based on the recommendation of her friend. It had been suggested to her that if she went anywhere at the Stock Show, she just had to visit the photographer (I was the only one there). I felt pretty special!

-Two art students, recently moved to Rapid City from Chicago, wandered through my gallery. They were discussing several of my pieces and it thrilled me to hear what they had to say. Not having gone to art school, other than a few photography classes at a community college, it bolstered my confidence in my work.

-Several people shared their enjoyment of my cowboy photography-that it portrays the lifestyle from someone who lives in it. They liked that I know what to look for and to capture it as it’s happening. 


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