Car Light Trails

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I have been incredibly delinquent in consistently posting to the blog the past few months. 
My desire has been to have at least one new post each week. 

Let’s just say, it’s been a crazy past few months! 
I haven’t been out doing as much shooting as I’d hoped and instead have been teaching a basic photography class. We’ve been meeting once a week for the past six. This next week will be our final session. Each participant was given the option to submit their favorite photo from the past six weeks. Tuesday, we will mount them and have our own in-house gallery show, complete with wine and cheese of course. 😉

On my way home from class this past week (I live out in the country from our small SoDak town), I stopped at the west interstate bridge to take some long exposures of the traveling vehicle lights. I’ve seen some incredible shots online and wanted to try my hand at it. This past year I’ve played around more with long exposures to create motion blur. I love how it adds so much more to the photograph.

I really like the blue lights in this second one but I wasn’t able to capture the light trial through the entire shot. 


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