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Crocheting for a Roof for Grandview Gallery

Grandview Gallery is so very close to the completion of the outside renovation to preserve this building for many years to come. In 2022, a foundation was poured for Phase I. In 2023, new siding and windows were added for the first part of Phase II.

The roof is the final step of Phase II. At this time, we have almost enough to purchase shingles but also need to cover the installation costs.

  • On a side note regarding the shingles, we are going to go with asphalt. I adore the idea of keeping with the current look of cedar shakes but that cost is over $9,000 in the materials alone. I want to be wise with the gifts that have been given and have settled on asphalt, which will cost us less than 1/4 of the shakes. However, if a kindhearted soul wishes to gift the funds for the cedar shakes, we will absolutely go that route! 🙂

The idea to create a raffle fundraiser to help with our costs came to mind to help with these expenses.

And I love to crochet! So, why not put those two together?!

Everyone can use a blanket and I chose the color for the Grandview Blanket from the tones in the sky of our favorite photograph of Grandview Gallery before renovations started, Grand Sunrise.

I started my crochet journey back in 2004, learning to create a tuque* from Tyson Martins while spending 10 months in Ontario, Canada. I was part of a leadership development program at Medeba, a Christian adventure camp. There were eight of us, in our 20’s, pursuing camping ministries. I still use many of those skills, but in a much different capacity now as a ranch wife, mom and photographer.

I put off the crochet for quite, picking it up here and there to create something to give away. A few years ago, I wanted to gift a sister a college grad gift and make her a gingham pattered blanket. It took me a few months and I learned so much more about crochet.

I’ve been hooked since.

Yes, that pun was very much intended! 😉

I have created several blankets and even a few cardigans. Crochet is very relaxing, especially once the pattern is familiarized. It’s a wonderful way to wind down at the end of the day, or occupy my hands while listening to my kids during their reading and grammar lessons, long car rides to Mayo or anywhere in South Dakota.

Crochet is a wonderful way to create something useful, meaningful and bless someone else (or keep a few!). And like anything else we spend time doing, I make time to crochet. It’s therapeutic, enjoyable and maybe a little addicting.

So back to Grandview Gallery. I’m working on a blanket featuring the Finley Blanket created by the gals at I Can Crochet That, Modern Crochet.

The Grandview blanket is currently in progress. The completed measurements will be approximately 6’x3.75′! Made from with my favorite yarn by Lion Brand, Heartland. The color is Glacier Bay.

The value of crochet never seems to match the time and skills put into the project. If I crochet 1 hour per day minimum, for seven days a week, I think I could finish the blanket in about 1.5 months. If I paid myself $15 per hour, this blanket would be valued about $1,000.

I will be working on this blanket during the upcoming Black Hills Stock Show Western Art Show (January 26-February 3rd in Rapid City) should you wish to check it out and also purchase raffle tickets at my booth.

Raffle tickets are $20 each and can be purchased through Better World at the link below. I chose Better World because 100% of the funding raised goes to the organization. Donors can opt to give a percentage of their donation to Better World to help with website and admin costs, but is no obligation to do so.

Raffle starts today and ends March 1st. The winner will be chosen on March 2nd, announced in the comments of this post and my newsletter.

*Tuque is a beanie in the USA. It’s hard to get away from some Canadian words when I learned them up north, and beanie just seems odd to say now anyway, eh? 😉

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