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Fall on the Prairie

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Today is a bleak, gray, cold, snowy, windy (enough adjectives for you?) late fall day. 
Just two weeks ago I drove through the Bad River breaks as the sun came up, waking the prairie in all it’s golden beauty. I’m so glad I chose to work on these photos today, they bring light and warmth to what seems dreary.
This is one of the many joys of photography. Though these golden colors are no longer seen outside, they are forever encapsulated for us to return to. 

One morning, also a few weeks ago, I shot this view of my dam to the east of my barn. The morning sun highlighting that backs of the trees brings depth and fullness to it’s shape.

Later than evening I focused west, where I can see the Okaton tree from living room window. Each day I enjoyed how the evening sun highlighted and defined it against the prairie.

This fall has been absolutely beautiful for golden colors. It seemed as though the beauty of the season lasted longer for us in western SoDak than most years, much to my delight.

May these photographs bring some joy to your day!  ~Cristen

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  1. Cristen

    Thank you! The top two photos were taken when I went to haul calves for Uncle Clint. They're taken at the little hill intersection before going towards their driveway.

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