Favorite Views on Hwy 83 + Heritage Project

In my previous post, I shared about my trip down to Norman, OK. It was a long 12 hour drive but traveling through parts of the country I never have before was entertaining and enjoyable. As I neared home, I pulled over to two of my favorite views on Hwy 83 between Murdo, SD and the Little White River. 
Sunset was coming and I wanted to see what I could find. 
I sat at this location between the White River and the Little White for a while, hoping to get some more pink in the sky as the sun faded. The clouds to the west didn’t cooperate so the sky to the south east wasn’t what I was hoping for.
The sky looks a bit more exciting with the use of the graduated tabacco filter
The evening light was not lost, however. 
This house. 
I adore it! 
I’ve been captivated by it’s uniqueness since the very first time my husband took me on the drive south of Murdo, almost 12 years ago. Compared to other houses in the area, it is very unique. Reminds me a little of something you’d find in the south west. 
The view of the northern side of the White River breaks is just breathtaking from the road and to see it out of those windows must be even more so!
I have wanted a perfect shot of this icon along Hwy 83 for years and I was finally there at the right time. I couldn’t have asked for a better sky!

Jones County is home to so much heritage and history. I’ve been inspired to continue a project I started a few years ago, in hopes of turning it into a book. This body of work features prairie architecture in houses, barns and out buildings. So many are long gone but what yet remains on this part of the prairie I want to preserve as best I can. 

If you live in Jones County, SD*, and would be willing to let me come to your place and capture the old buildings on your property, I would be most honored. What I have now (which you can view here) is what I’ve been able to capture from the road so as not to trespass and a few friends and family have allowed me access to their land. 

Please contact me: cristen@cristenjoyphotography.com

*I’m starting this project in Jones County but if you live in Mellette, Lyman, Stanley, Jackson and Haakon and your land is close to JC, please contact me, too. I haven’t decided yet how wide of an area I plan for this project to extent, but for now will start in  Jones County.

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