Hiking Pants

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This is kind of an odd post for me to write but its a rather big deal for me. 

I’m tall.
I love to hike.
Most main stream outfitting brands do not make hiking pants for tall women. If they do, the style and fit look horrible on me.
A few years ago I did a thorough search for hiking pants that will look nice and are all the length that I need. In jeans, I typically prefer a 33-37″ inseam, depending on what I’m wearing. Flats I like a 33″ but with my cowboy boots definitely a 37″.

Hiking pants tend to come in 32″. 
I don’t want to feel uncomfortable when I’m hiking. All you tall girls out there know what I mean. 😉  

Anyway, I came across Prana’s Halle pant
The tall comes in a 36″ inseam! (They also come in 30″ and 32″.) With my hiking boots this is just perfect, with my trail shoes I roll up the back cuff so it doesn’t drag.

These are the best hiking pants I have ever had! I’ve had my pair for three years now. They are still in perfect condition and they’ve been through a lot of rough country treking. They don’t tear (at least not yet). They roll up into capris if I get hot. They are my most comfortable pants! Ever.

I decided to write this post this week because 1)I’m going hiking tomorrow and will be wearing them and 2) I just bought my second pair in a different color because I wanted options. And having two pairs of the most comfortable pants is awesome! 
Granted, these are not cheap pants for hiking. But good hiking gear is never cheap and it’s been well worth the investment. I don’t wear them just for hiking either. I wear them for about anything but church, riding and art shows. 

So for all you ladies out there looking for great hiking pants, I’ve found them for you!


(I’m on the far right, wearing my awesome Prana Halle’s.)


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