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Perspectives of the Sky

It’s no secret that I love the sky, and especially out here on the western South Dakota plains, unhindered.

I’ve been slowly working on a fine art series of photographs. All Black and White with a variety of high key and low key elements. This one has both. I allowed for a bit of grain to saturate the image, enhancing the raw texture of a dramatic sky.

‘Texture’   ISO 100, f/22, 8 sec.
I photographed both images last night. My daughter and I went on a walk down one of our trails as the  light faded. I’ve been playing around with extended exposures after sunset to create long smooth wisps as the clouds move east. The darkened light allows for a longer exposure. You can also see headlight trails for cars on the interstate and my husband and son coming home down the old highway. The tiny town of Okaton starts to light up for the  night as well. 
 ‘Song in the Wind’     ISO 100, f/18, 119 sec., ND8 filter
Both images are photographed of the same clouds from slightly different locations. Each with completely different goals in mind for their final story. 

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  1. Dee LeRoye

    Nice px. Could be a new winner at a show!

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