Photo Tips: #1 – Why? No. 1

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I attend 8-9 art shows and festivals over the course of 12 months, I often hear comments from those who come through my booth how they wish they knew more about their camera, and photography in general.

I want to designate several blog posts throughout the year to offer some of my photo tips.

There are two key elements to consider when approaching photography:

1. Why am I taking this photograph?
2. How to I take this photograph in a way that conveys the why?

Over the next year I will dig deeper into these two questions. Sometimes photography can be overwhelming and complicated (there’s a lot I’ve yet to understand). I’m here to help overcome that. It’s ok to grow slow and take little stepping stones along the way.

Tip #1: The next time you pick up your camera, or your phone, start asking yourself: why am I taking this photograph? What drew me to the scene before me that I feel compelled to document it?

Why did I take this photograph? This is the outhouse Marty used until he was 8! His family lived here and their only bathroom option was the outhouse (in the early 70’s). I was with a group of pheasant hunters hiking around the area looking for birds and the sky added a dramatic backdrop (I love dramatic skies!).
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