Prairie Vistas

My birthday was this past weekend and it’s tradition for my husband and I to take to the gravel and explore a road in our area that we don’t get to travel much. Fortunately for us, most of the roads around here are gravel so we don’t have to go far.
We wander around in search of the beauty and end up at one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. 

I love the prairie vistas as the evening shadows creep in. 

South Dakota is truly one of the most beautiful of our States. 
Raw beauty in all its form. 
As my husband says, “This is God’s Country.”

I love the layered lines in this image. Can you see what I mean? 

I can’t ever remember celebrating my birthday in a sleeveless shirt. What a great present it was to have spring like weather that day instead of a blizzard.

To another year…

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