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Snowy Landscape {Spring is Coming!}

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Over the past month, the western SoDak prairies have received the most snow of the season. It was finally deep enough for me to head out to Glorious Splendor* on snowshoes and the next day, x-country ski.

The wind was tolerable as it blew snow across the landscape, caught by bits of grasses that created drifts and patterns. 

I enjoyed this peaceful space as the sun set. 


*Glorious Splendor is the the hill on which I was standing as I took these photos. It’s a short trek from my house. This spectacular view of the prairie declares the beauty of God’s creation.

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  1. Clarice Roghair

    Beauty allowed and created by the power of God. Makes me cold to look at it, but it sure could have been worse. Buckle down now for tomorrow's wind.

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