The Clouds at Sunset {SoDak Style}

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In the past week or so, the clouds have been just amazing! Wednesday night at sunset, the colors seemed to explode! 
The vast open sky and the brilliant sunsets are reason #2 why I live here. Reason #1 is my husband. 

During my high school days, my dad was pastor of a small church in the community I now live in. We’d arrived from northeastern IL and WI. Needless to say, the treeless prairie (there are some but not like Wisconsin) and open sky took some getting used to. After graduation, I moved back to IL to pursue my photography education and be near extended family and the city (Chicago). 

The colors of South Dakota always stuck with me.
The sunsets. The sky. 
I remember telling people about it. A lot. I also remember being anxious to leave that small community. 

My husband and I were just acquaintances when I moved back to IL. Through email and instant messaging a friendship grew and now here I am. A cattle rancher’s wife of 10 years and counting.

Sometimes I like to think that God made the colors of South Dakota just for me. The details in how the light touches the earth bring me so much joy. The creativity of this marvelous Creator God has me captivated beyond words that I can express.

These photographs were taken literally in my backyard.
Most photographers have to travel out of the city, or their town to capture the beauty of creation. I get to step right outside my door. 

This is our cozy ranch house, dwarfed by these incredible pink clouds. 

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  1. Dee LeRoye

    Wow isn't enough of a majestic word for these sky panoramas…….but WOW, anyway.

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