The Land and Sky Project {To Be Continued}

I’ve been working on, what I call, ‘The Land and Sky Project.” I plan to use these photographs for my 2017 calendar, as well as an application for my first solo gallery show. The later may not happen until next year, but I have high hopes. 🙂

One of the advantages of living in the country on a cattle ranch is that the sky is at my disposal. I get to literally step right out my door, or even just shoot out my window, to capture some grandiose skies. This is my favorite part about living in South Dakota.

Here are a few I captured the past few weeks.

This one I shot just south of my house. I had to cross the road in order to avoid power lines in the image.

Some days, I like to just enjoy the beauty of the sky without taking pictures. Last Thursday was such a day but as I watched the sky, I just couldn’t leave my camera in the bag. I quickly grabbed it, as well as my tripod and headed out across the road to these clouds. This shot was taken close to the same spot as the previous picture.

Then I turned around and saw how the thunderheads were in vibrant pink over the dam on the east end of my property. 
For anyone local, who drives the highway past my house, you will be familiar with this dam. Have you ever seen it so pink?!

This land and sky that I’m surrounded by leaves me breathless.
How great is the Creator who made it all!

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