Murdo Ranch Rodeo

For the past seven years, our community has hosted the Murdo Ranch Rodeo. It has become a highlight of the summer for many people, myself included. Most of the years, my husband and his brothers have been one of the teams to compete. A few were not able to make it this year so two others were recruited.

My kids are young, so we just camp in one spot and I shot what I can from there. The dust was very thick this year and I’m a little nervous what I’ll find when I clean my camera sensor.  

I changed most of these to Black & White because I love how the dust adds a little extra to the photographs. 
A rodeo photographer I am not, but I enjoy taking pictures of my husband and the guys doing what they really enjoy. I focused a little more on composition than close action (mostly because I only have a 200mm zoom and across an arena, that doesn’t get very far).  

Roping their calf for the Trailer Loading event. 

Roping the two steers for the Stray Gathering event. 

Kids had the opportunity to ride Mini Broncs. This girl rocks!

 The Hide Race isn’t something normally found on a ranch, but it’s a great crowd pleaser and a little intense as some of the hides tend to get rather close as they pass each other. 

  A beautiful storm joined in on the rodeo.

The pick-up men catching a bronc in the Range Ride. 

My husband’s team didn’t place, but they won the Range Ride. Paul made it look so easy!

Until the next one…

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