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The Prairie in Spring

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Spring on the prairie is a slow change. Some years the reveal waits until late April or early May. The landscape alters from shades of brown, taupe, beige and yellow into vibrant greens ranging from chartreuse and lime, to emerald and juniper.

The clouds billow and roll, sharing rains in the good years and withholding during rough ones. Each spring is different, and always anticipated.

Join me on a journey of colors and texture in the wide open spaces.

Aerial view of a pasture dam as the ducks return.
Calving will soon begin!
New growth in shades of green contrast with the previous years offerings.
Blue Jays tend to be rare on the prairie. Their bright colors are always anticipated when they are spotted or heard.
Much appreciated water fills the dams as the rolling landscape trades in shades of brown for shades of lush greens.
Sage burst forth their foliage. If you crush a few leaves in your hands, the scent of the prairie can be carried with you.
Yucca, green all year long, blend once again with their native grass neighbors.
Watching spring kittens explore their surroundings in playful manner always puts a smile on ones face.
Scarlett globemallow, also known as Cowboy’s Delight, extend from the prairie floor. Their orange blooms easily spotted from the top of a horse.
Rolling hills of pastureland with a fresh carpet of emerald.
Yucca blooms, strong and resilient among the prairie’s spring winds.

The world of beauty that does in fact exist can have originated nowhere else than in the creation of God. The world of beauty was thus conceived by God, determined by His decree, called into being by Him, and is maintained by Him.

Abraham Kuyper, Wisdom & Wonder

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