A Show in the Heavens {Timeline of the Storm Rolling In}

Wednesday night (6/22), we had a spectacular show in the heavens!
I’m always amazed at how drastically the colors and light change as the evening deepens into night. 

9:23 pm.
The reflection of the setting sun on the clouds headed toward the east. 

9:28 pm. 
The sunset behind Okaton, SD. 

9:34 pm. 
The same reflecting clouds from the first picture, only the colors have changed as the sun dips farther into the horizon.

9:47 pm. 
And then the sky started to rumble and the lightning to strike.
9:55 pm.
The clouds grew thicker and the lightning closer. 

 10:02 pm.
Instead of seeking cover, I kept right on shooting because the colors were beautiful and the lightning majestic.

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