Okaton Elevator

 An original South Dakota prairie skyscraper, the Grain Elevator. Located along the DM&E rail road in Okaton, South Dakota. The town is mostly abandoned now, but the history the old building has seen still remains.

I shot this photograph in 2006 and since then the scale house/office roof (the part of the building in the foreground) has caved in. The top of the elevator has also lost much of what is seen in this photograph due to the almost constant South Dakota winds.

I love this building. It brings emotions I can’t quite describe and I tear up thinking about how different it looks now compared to this picture. I can’t imagine remembering the elevator when it was in its prime and viewing the change now.

This is one of my absolute favorite photos I’ve ever taken. With this specific image, I played around a little with HDR and am loving the dramatic touch it gives. 

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  1. brian tjoelker

    I stop here every time i go west great place thanks for sharing the pic

    1. Cristen

      Hi Brian! You’re so welcome! Okaton is such a special place, I think. 🙂 Wish I could have seen it back in the day when the train was running and the town was booming. Did you know it used to stretch as far north as were the interstate runs? When I-90 was built, most of that section of town had moved away.

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