The Badlands

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This past weekend I went hiking with a friend in the Badlands. It was the warmest day in weeks, a balmy 50 degrees! The clouds kept playing with us. It was bright blue one minute and then gray and brown tones the next. The colors of the Badlands are more vibrant in the spring and after it rains, but we still enjoyed with beauty of these incredible landforms. 

We started on the east end of Castle Trail, meandered off the trail a while and then continued on it. We then took the Medicine Root/Castle Trail loop with a lunch stop at Saddle Pass, totaling 6.6 miles. 
Taken from a peak near Saddle Pass.
My friend noticed this herd of big horn sheep. We crept closer and closer to them, watching them scurry over humanly impassable rocks (at least rocks I probably wouldn’t have the nerve to try and climb).

 We also encountered several herds of deer.


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