Snowscapes on the Prairie {The Road Home}

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It’s been several weeks since I’ve written a post! My desire has been to have new content up once a week and this year I hope to do better. 
I have been out shooting but just haven’t spent as much time in Blogger. 

On New Year’s Eve, I went out for a little while as the sun was setting. These hay bales are at about my three mile mark for running. They look so peaceful and cozy nestled on the hillside with the backdrop of the northern winter sky.

This is the road home. On the horizon is a bridge that crosses the railroad. From that bridge you can see my ranch. 
I love this road. 
I know it fairly well as its where I do most of my running.

The snow drifts along my road the past week have just been amazing! I had to go into town for a few groceries late yesterday afternoon and brought my camera with me. By the time I was done shooting, my hands were frozen. I should have brought my thicker gloves, but wanted to be able to adjust the camera settings without the extra bulk of the other gloves. 

I love the deep contrast in the shadows of snow drifts! While driving anywhere in winter, especially in the morning and evening, I’m always watching them. 

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  1. Rich Hall

    Great pictures and I love your book. It was a wonderful Christmas present!

  2. Cristen

    Thank you, Uncle Rich! So glad you're enjoying it! 🙂

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